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Are you looking for your dream school counseling job but don't know how to stand out in the applicant pool?  Let me help!

Skip the details, I'm in!

Does this sound like you?

▶▶  you're brand new to the profession and feel nervous you don't have the needed skills to stand out?

▶  you're worried about making a great impression in the interview to help you seal the deal and land the job?

  you're overwhelmed because you just don't know how to keep yourself organized in the process?

▶▶  you're discouraged because you've failed in your previous job search attempts.

  you're a veteran counselor but think your resume needs an overhaul to get noticed?

It doesn't have to be that way!

What if you could craft an eye appealing, attention grabbing, a cut above the rest resume that was easy to create?

What if you had an easy button to push for helping you to keep all the things job searching organized for you?

What if you could feel confident about marketing yourself to stand apart from the crowd?

What if you knew powerful keywords employers were looking for that showed you are undeniably the candidate they need? 

What if you could develop a great message about who you are and what you've done that shows the value you can bring to a potential employer?

What if you had a place you could ask any question without judgment and get the answers you need?

What if you could feel excitement, pride and joy knowing you rocked the interview?

Boost: resumes, cover letters and interviewing skills for school counselors is the help you need to land your dream job!

Get Boost!

Introducing Boost: 

Resumes, Cover Letters and Interviewing to Land Your Dream Job! 


The key to getting a new job is marketing yourself.  And there are a few fundamental elements to doing this effectively: developing a great message, delivering your message in a way that helps you stand out, and showing the value you can bring to the specific employer and job to which you’re applying. 

This course will teach you how to present your skills, experience and competencies in ways that align with an employer’s needs — and then give you tips and strategies that will help you crush the interview. You’ll cover not only the basics and options of a strong resume and cover letter, but also how to create a document that is visually appealing to set you apart from the rest.  You’ll also cover tactics for using the internet in your job search — networking, researching potential employers and finding opportunities — all to help you get hired in today’s job market.  And we’ll help you brush up on your interviewing skills and the steps you need to take before and after each interview to make sure you either seal the deal or learn from your experience.


What's included in Boost?

When you enroll in Boost, you'll learn the key to getting a job is all about marketing yourself.  You'll learn how to build a great message, deliver this message in a way that helps you stand out, and show the value you can bring to the job you've applied for.   You'll become a member of our community and will be able to participate in resume critiques and mock interviewing within the group.  You'll also have access to any updates and new material as it is released.



Here's a breakdown at what's included:

Module 1: 

Amplify Your Job Search Awareness

This workshop teaches you to consider your resume from the perspective of potential employers — displaying your skills, knowledge and experience in a polished, targeted way.

  • Get clear on the skills, talents and unique gifts you can bring to a new employer.
  • Understand how to align your skills within an ideal school counselor role.
  • Get prepped by networking and making those important social connections.
  • Use keywords and phrases to tailor the content of your resume to demonstrate a close fit to the specific job you’re applying for.

Bonus:  Job Search Workbook

 Module 2:  

Getting Noticed:  Crafting an Amazing Resume and Cover Letter

All resumes contain essentially the same information — make yours stand out. This workshop takes a closer look at resume components and how to build yours to maximize your success.

  • Write a clear, complete, easy-to-read and appealing resume and cover letter.
  • Discover what to include — and what not to include —in your resume information.
  • Incorporate formatting tips that de-clutter your
  • materials and make them easier to read and scan.

Bonus 1:  5 eye-catching, easy to use resume and cover letter templates

Bonus 2: Resume Power Tips

Module 3: 

Sealing the Deal Interviewing Skills

This workshop provides tips to makes sure you start out on the right foot and then showcase the added value that you can bring to their school district.

  • Learn the steps to prepare for the job interview.
  • Prepare those interview essential questions that we know you’ll be asked.
  • Adapt to the different types of interviews you may encounter such as phone, video and in person.
  • Formulate your questions to ask so you can stand out as an essential team member.

Bonus: Interview Checklist

 Module 4:  

Next Steps: Polishing Your Professional Image 

Your professional image is being judged beyond the resume and interview.  This workshop takes a closer look at how to improve your professional presence and make a positive impression.

  • Demonstrate curtsey and respect through your conduct and communication.
  • Avoid the most common workplace etiquette errors,
  • Evaluate your social media to determine what needs to be scrubbed.
  • Follow up those interviews with thank you notes.
  • Evaluate your interview to help you improve your skills.

Bonus 1:  Reflection Workbook

Bonus 2:  Things to Consider Worksheet

Help me land my dream job!

You might be thinking...


  What's so special about this anyway??!!

School Counselor jobs are in demand but they are also competitive.  You can be in an applicant pool of 100 people, so you need to be able to stand out in the crowd.  Boost not only will help you make your resume awesome, but it will help prepare to be an employer's dream candidate.  

  I'm an introvert by nature.  

Confidence comes with practice and repetition.  By prepping for the interview, knowing the different types of interview questions, and practicing in our mock interviews, you'll be ready to take charge and knock their socks off!

  Will I have time for this?

Yes, you will!  While time is an investment, this course is designed and broken down into chunks at each stage of your job search which makes it totally manageable.  Since you're not looking, applying and interviewing all within the same day, you will have plenty of time to go through each section as you need it.  

Let's recap: Here's all the Job Boosting tools you'll get when you enroll

  •  On-demand workshops ($397 value)
    • Amplify Your Job Search Awareness
    • Getting Noticed: Crafting an Amazing Resume and Cover Letter
    • Sealing The Deal Interviewing Skills
    • Next Steps: Polishing Your Professional Image
  • Workbooks and guides to complement each workshop ($137 value)
  • 5 brand new stylish, eye catching, easy to use resume/cover letter templates ($100/value)
  • Stocked resource library of ready-to-use  templates, forms, and more ($297 value)
  • Private Facebook community (priceless)
  • Access to all future updates (priceless)

That’s over $800 worth of content and resources for just $97!

PLUS, we'll have resume reviews and mock interviews in our exclusive Facebook community throughout the prime interview season from April - August!

I reviewed resumes and cover letters for years and this is less than half the price of a resume review plus you get tons of training on not just resumes but the whole job search and application process!  This really is the whole kit and kaboodle at an affordable price when you're worried about paying off your student loan debt!

Boost: Resumes, Cover Letters and Interviewing to Land Your Dream Job!


lifetime course access

  • Four On-Demand Workshops: 
    • Amplify Your Job Search Awareness
    • Getting Noticed: Crafting an Amazing Resume and Cover Letter
    • Sealing The Deal Interviewing Skills
    • Next Steps: Polishing Your Professional Image
  • Workbooks to compliment each workshop
  • Resource library of  templates, forms, worksheets and more.
  • 5 eye-catching and easy to use resume and cover letter templates
  • Private Facebook community
  • Access to all future updates

PLUS: Resume Review and Mock Interviews from April - August!


Hi! I'm Carol, your School Counseling Job Search Mentor and Coach!

Let's work together and break down the job search process into manageable bites,  polish up your resume by creating a visual that is a cut above the rest, then up your confidence level so you can tackle any interview question asked.  But wait, then I'll show you how to follow up so you can impress those potential employers with your professionalism.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Boost Guarantee

While we can't guarantee you a job, we can guarantee that you will feel confident and well prepared as you develop your resume and get ready for interviewing for the jobs you apply for.  If at any time you are feeling you need a little extra help, feel free to email me at [email protected] with your questions and concerns.

Due to the digital nature of the content, we do not offer any refunds.

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